Deliver 9 Cab Chassis Image

Deliver 9 Cab Chassis

Work in Comfort Image

Work in Comfort

The Deliver 9 Cab Chassis is built to give you space and comfort for those long days on the road.

The eight adjustable seat options will make the driver's seat your favourite spot - and you won't have to worry about spills or tears with heavy-duty fabric.

The spacious seats beside have enough room for two of your mates. And the passenger seat folds down to create a desk space for your laptop and morning coffee. There's also plenty of storage for your other gear under the seat or overhead.

Work in Comfort Image

Work in Comfort

A 4.2-inch LCD display gives you full visibility while steering wheel controls let you take charge of the high-tech infotainment system.

Its powerful air conditioning takes the edge off the early morning chill and keeps you cool in summer - perfect for the Aussie climate.


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